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... is a "Quality based Project Organizer". It is particularly well suited to IT projects, but can manage any type of project. It proposes a unique interface. It offers all the features needed to different Project Management actors under a unique collaborative interface.
Planning Management
  • ProjeQtOr provides all the elements needed to build a planning from workload, constraints between tasks and resources availability.
  • The Project is the main element of ProjeQtOr .
  • It is also the highest level of visibility and definition of access rights based on profiles .
  • You can define profiles; some have visibility on all projects, others only on the projects they are assigned to.
  • You can also define sub-projects of a project and sub-project of sub-projects without limit to this hierarchical organization.
  • This allows for example to define projects that are not real projects, but just a definition of the structure for your organization.
Resource Management
  • ProjeQtOr manages the availability of resources that can be affected to multiple projects. Tool calculates a reliable, optimized and realistic planning.
  • Resources are the persons working on the project activities.
  • A resource can also be a group of persons (team) for which you do not want to manage individual detail.
  • You can manage this through the capacity of the resource, that can be greater than 1 (for a group of people) or less than 1 (for a person working part-time) .
Incident Management
  • ProjeQtOr includes a Bug Tracker to monitor incidents on your projects, with possibility to include work on planned tasks of your projects.
  • Ticket is any intervention not needing to be planned (or that cannot be planned). 
    It is generally a short activity for which you want to follow advancement to describe (and possibly provide) a result. 
    For example, bugs or problems can be managed through Tickets: 
      • You can not schedule the bugs before they are identified and registered 
      • You must be able to give a solution to a bug (workaround or fix) 
Costs Management
  • All elements related to delays can also be followed as costs (from resources work) and managing other expenses all costs of the project are monitored and can generate invoices.
  • The Project is the main entity of ProjeQtOr.
  • In addition to tracking work on projects, ProjeQtOr can track the costs associated with this work.
  • An Activity is a task that must be planned, or includes other activities.
  • Work assigned to resources on activities is converted into associated costs.
  • To calculate the cost of work ProjeQtOr defines the Resources cost.
  • This cost may vary depending on the role of the resource and may change over time .
Quality Management
  • The specificity of ProjeQtOr is that it is Quality Oriented: it integrates the best practices that can help you to meet the quality requirements on your projects.
  • This way, the approval stage of your Quality Systems are eased, whatever the reference (ISO, CMMI, ITIL or else).
  • Workflows are defined to monitor changes of possible status.
    This allows, among other things, to restrict certain profiles from changing some status.
  • You can, for instance, limit the change to a validation status to a given profile, to ensure that only an authorized user will perform this validation.
Risks Management
  • ProjeQtOr includes a comprehensive risks and opportunities management, including the action plan necessary to mitigate or treat them and monitoring occurring problems.
  • Risk is a threat or event that could have a negative impact on the project, which can be neutralized, or at least minimize, by predefined actions.
    The risk management plan is a key point of the project management. Its objective is to :
     • identify hazards and measure their impact on the project and their probability of occurrence,
     • identify avoidance measures (contingency) and mitigation in case of occurrence (mitigation),
     • identify opportunities,
     • monitor the actions of risks contingency and mitigation,
     • identify risks that eventually do happen (so they become issues)
Perimeter Management
  • ProjeQtOr allows you to monitor and record all events on your projects and helps you in managing of deviations, to control the perimeter of projects.
  • Follow-up and organize Meetings, track associated action plans, decisions and easily find this information afterwards. 
  • You can also create Periodic meetings, which are regularly recurring meetings (steering committees, weekly progress meetings, ... )
  • Decisions follow-up allows you to easily retrieve the information about the origin of a decision :
     • who has taken a particular decision ?
     • when ?
     • during which meeting ?
     • who was present at this meeting ?
    Not revolutionary, this feature can save you many hours of research in case of dispute .
Commitments Management
  • ProjeQtOr allows you to follow the requirements on your projects and measure at any time coverage progress, making it easy to reach your commitments.
  • In addition to the standard functionalities to manage your projects and monitor costs and delays, ProjeQtOr provides elements to monitor commitments on products.
  • Requirements management helps in describing requirements explicitly and quantitatively monitoring progress in building a product. 
  • The definition of Test cases is used to describe how you will test that a given requirement is met. 
  • Test sessions group test cases to be executed for a particular purpose. 
  • By linking these three elements, you can obtain requirements covering matrix, simply, efficiently and in real time.


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