Virtual Calendar

Are you tired of juggling multiple calendars and struggling to keep track of your team’s schedule? Do you want to streamline your scheduling process and reduce the risk of double bookings or underused resources? Then our virtual calendar is the solution for you!

Our virtual calendar is perfect for small teams or small operations. With unlimited users and up to 8 sub-calendars, you can easily coordinate and schedule everything from rooms and equipment to trucks, cranes, and even planes. And with 1 year of historical data, you can always look back and see how your team has utilized their time in the past.

But the best part? You can use our virtual calendar as long as you need, with no risk of double bookings or underused resources. This means you can book with confidence, knowing that your reservation calendar is a Team-up calendar that everyone on your team can access and use.

So why wait? Start streamlining your scheduling process today with our virtual calendar. Sign up now and enjoy unlimited evaluation or use as long as you need. Don’t miss out on the benefits of having a centralized, easy-to-use calendar for your team. Contact us today to learn more.

 To assist you in setting up a Virtual Calendar – Contact Vektrix Today !!